Lion’s Den

avatars-000034983733-3ckx71-t500x500The idea of the Lion’s Den was set into place by Ras Lion several years ago and has been developing ever since! With a focus on connecting different people, different influences and inspirations while merging creative energies.

The record label Lion’s Den has the aim to promote proper Dub, Steppaz, Reggae, and other music in the same terrain on vinyl and digitally, including videos, art installations, merchandise, etc. Lion’s Den is working with various vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the world to deliver the finest in conscious music and spread positive vibez – always on a musical mission…

As a sound system force they come in with a heavy weight selection… musical ambassador Ras Lion (selektah / engineer), mostly joined on lyrical duties by the multilingual MCs/singers Kali Green and konTa or guests.

On Saturday night, Lion’s Den will be teaming up with the mighty Moonshine Recordings, bringing you an extra-heavy line up including Radikal Guru, Violinbwoy, DJ Madd & Echo Ranks, with live visuals by Mysterious Kid!

If you can’t wait until June, Lion’s Den will be launching their brand-new sound system on April 7th at YAAM Berlin!