Serendubity+Party+im+Rosie`s-44Serendubity is an eclectic collective of sound nomads based in Berlin, Germany. Since the first “Rhythm & Space” festival in 2013, they have become one of the city’s most active crews in all things dub-related! As a primarily festival-oriented, freeform collective of musicians, deejays, selectors, promoters, performers – and above all, sound system enthusiasts – Serendubity came about from a common desire to create a type of event that went beyond the typical party structures in Berlin.

Serendubity_2015-41Following the first festival in July 2013, the collective soon carved out a unique niche in the nocturnal soundscape, dedicating themselves to creating a relaxed and familiar festival-like environment at each of their events. With an emphasis on quality sound, eye-catching visual installations, and a retinue of interactive workshops and performances, the collective successfully demonstrates the importance of community-based music and arts projects!

Seren_VirginiaVannucchiPh_9062On June 9th Serendubity will be hosting the “Soundsystem Education” floor, with a special guest out of the UK – the son of the mighty Jah Shaka, for the very first time in Berlin – Young Warrior!! Support will come from Umberto Echo & Jah Schulz, 2 of southern Germany’s foremost authorities in live-dubbing, plus Acid Dub Foundation, Ital-PCatitah of Serendubity fame, with live visuals by Flimmerkiste!

Expect a long night of dub in all of its facets – from the very beginning of the era to the latest in steppas and modern soundsystem scorchers!