GOOSENSEI (Birmingham, UK)
Dubs Alive Records / BassComeSaveMe / Infernal Sounds / Sekkle & Cease / Bit Phalanx, Chameleon Audio / Earth City Records / Futurepast / Beta Birmingham / Spectrum.
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goosensei 1Based in Birmingham, UK, Goosensei is a key figure in the underground electronic music scene in the city as a DJ, producer and co-founder of the Listening Sessions event and community. His fusion of dub and electronic bass music in his DJ selections and production style proves his love of sound-system culture.

Art: Goosensei looks towards the natural world for inspiration, emulating shapes found in plant life to create his densely patterned pieces, in combination with the ‘raw’ style of street art.

Music: Goosensei is both a music producer and DJ, specializing in a unique blend of Electronic Bass Music. The sound he produces and performs is heavily influenced by Dub music, with strong bass elements and is equally at home in a “dark basement or a sunny carnival in front of a proper bass soundsystem.”