Audiomassive Logo (LoQ)The Audiomassive Kollektiv – which was initiated in 2001 by Bad Matter & Injure – began as an open platform for Drum & Bass artists in Berlin, in which each individual was able to introduce and implement their own ideas into the collective. As time passed and the collective grew, they moved from their humble beginnings in local bars and cafes, to deejaying at a wide variety of clubs across Berlin, and eventually throughout Germany and Europe. Furthermore, a number of their artists have also become respected producers in the scene, with releases on a numer of labels, and they also act as caretakers of the internal communication for Berlin’s now widespread Drum & Bass scene.

Their series of events known as “Klangbiotop” – which they began in 2010 – was one of the most highly anticipated Drum & Bass events in Berlin, until their final session last year. With such illustrious guests as Homemade Weapons, Clarity & Presha (Samurai Music), Mantra, Double O & Dead Man’s Chest (Rupture London), Outer Heaven, Ruffhouse, Overlook & Pessimist (UVB-76), Digital, The Untouchables, Djinn, and many more, they have always placed a large emphasis on futuristic, cutting edge Drum & Bass, as well as the inclusion of largely diversified, mixed-gender lineups.

On Saturday, June 1st, we’ll be joined by the long-time Audiomassive / Klangbiotop members Plasma, MO & HNS, as well as a special guest from London, UK!

Sweetpea (Med School / Dispatch / Addictive Behaviour // London, UK)
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With a deep love for underground music which originally stemmed from listening to pioneering labels such as Ram, Shogun and Dispatch, Sweetpea has built a solid reputation over the past 16 years for her constant involvement in and dedication to the Drum & Bass scene.

Sweetpea 1

After moving to London in 2010, she landed a slot on Origin UK, and her passionate take on radio hosting soon earned her a weekly slot on the legendary Rude FM in 2011, as well as regularly featuring with Bailey (Metalheadz) on Ministry of Sound.

Widely known and loved for her exhilarating live sets – which are packed with energy that leaves the crowd begging for more – Sweetpea has deservedly played at some of the biggest label and brand nights in Drum & Bass, such as Renegade Hardware, Symmetry, Flexout, Genesis, Soul in Motion and AKO Beatz, at established venues across England and Europe including Fabric, Electric Brixton, Fire, Cross Club and many more. 

Although Sweetpea has mainly focused on deejaying throughout her career, she is no stranger to making music. Having played around on Logic for the past 6 years, only recently has she started taking matters seriously. Her 2016 debut release “Afterthought” (with PRTCL), which was released on Terabyte Recordings, marked the real potential this lady has as a producer. As her confidence and technique grew, she spent more and more time in the studio and later went on to release several, including a dubbed-out halftime roller titled “Closer” on Med School Music, as well as “1AM” (with Wreckless) on Dispatch Recordings in 2018.

A true Drum & Bass head, her hard work and passion for the music she holds dear make Sweetpea a real inspiration to other women in the scene. With lots in the pipeline for the future, we’re very happy to welcome this talented up and coming producer to perform at A Bass Odyssey in Berlin on Saturday, June 1st!