Back in the early 90’s, the sounds of the UK – namely breakbeat hardcore and rave music – began to merge with the Jamaican sound system culture in England, and the beats began to take on a more organic vibe, with thunderous dub-like bass lines and souped-up breakbeats sampled from old funk and soul records. By 1994, jungle mania was in full swing in the UK, and the sounds began to make their way across the channel to Germany.

Founded by Bass Dee & Thaddeus Hermann in 1994, the legendary “Radio Massive” was broadcast every Monday on for the next 4 years, heralding the early sounds of the UK’s jungle / drum & bass movement. Radio Massive was one of the main driving forces behind the German jungle movement, always featuring the freshest releases from the island – as well as up and coming homegrown talent – supporting the local scene and providing a platform and community hub for Berlin-based deejays and promoters – all while delivering this new sound to a wider audience. 25 years later, the original Radio Massive crew is leading a revival of the original jungle sound in Berlin with their event series “Radio Massive Jungle Night” at Ohm. We can hardly wait to hear some classic tunes and rare gems from the extensive record collections of veteran DJs Bleed, Feed & Bassdee on December 7th!