Following an unforgettable bass-filled weekend in June 2017, we are happy to announce that we have been given 2 new dates for 2018 at Mensch Meier in Berlin, Germany!

As we were searching for a location that fit our criteria (primarily the possibility of bringing our own soundsystems, as well as having a relaxed environment, friendly security and personnel, while being open to non-mainstream music and culture), only a few locations in Berlin came to mind. And of those there were only 2 that were large enough to accommodate the kind of event and atmosphere we wanted to create!

Mensch Meier, being somewhat off the beaten path, is one of those rare places in Berlin which still boast an intimate, almost secretive vibe, despite being fairly large and increasingly popular! Their relaxed environment and tolerant door policy, coupled with a passion for alternative music, culture, arts and politics, have earned Mensch Meier a reputation as somewhere you can go to relax, dance, and, most importantly, be yourself!

The club itself is a converted warehouse, with several floors, outdoor areas, nooks and crannies, each with their unique charm and style. We are very happy to have found a location where we can leave our troubles and worries behind, if only just for a weekend!