“Advanced pre-sale” tickets for our next event from June 8th-10th, 2018 are on sale now! The tickets cost 22.00€ (including taxes and service fees from your bank / credit card provider), and guarantee access to the entire festival from Friday night to Sunday morning. Just click the link below for our official ticket shop:


✪ “Early Bird” Tickets: 18€ (sold out!) ✪
✪ “Advanced Pre-Sale” Tickets: 22€ (while supplies last!) ✪

Night of the Event (all tickets cash at door):
✪ Friday Night: TBA ✪
✪ Saturday Night: TBA ✪
✪ Weekend Pass: TBA ✪

Purchasing an advance ticket not only enables YOU to skip the queue and save some money, but also enables US to pre-finance the event!