We are proud to announce our support of the Plus1 initiative at A Bass Odyssey in Mensch Meier from June 9th – 11th, 2017!

Plus1 is a young initiative which provides an opportunity and organizational framework for Berlin’s party and cultural scene to take a collective stand in welcoming refugees to our city.

As a community who thrives on multi-culturalism and a wide range of musical influences diverged from decades of immigration and its fusion with urban culture, we are strong believers that we need to do everything we can to support refugees in their quest for humane living conditions.

In accordance with Plus1, we kindly request that every person on the guest list – including artists and performers if they wish – donates at least 1 € to the campaign. The money will be collected and contributed equally to different initiatives that are helping refugees, such as SOS Mediterranee, Sea Watch, Jugend Rettet & CADUS – all of which are engaged in “sea rescue” missions; aiding refugees fleeing war torn regions and poverty-stricken countries.

Refugees Welcome!

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