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A Bass Odyssey 2

That’s right! A Bass Odyssey will return to Mensch Meier on Saturday, January 13th, 2018, for one night of heavyweight basslines and proper sound system vibes! With another all-star ensemble featuring 20+ unique artists from around the globe, this one is sure to be another night to remember!

Tickets are now available through our webshop, only while supplies last!


Flyer - Front &amp; Back (WEB)

A Bass Odyssey – The Official Mixtape!

The musical mastermind and mixtape magician Jimi Handtrix has struck again! The man behind A Bass Odyssey, Higher Ground Recordings, Serendubity & Dub der guten Hoffnung has long been known for his eclectic mixtape series, ranging from jazzy downbeats to deep and meditative dubstep, from upbeat jungle to scorching dance floor anthems – always with an ear for selection, flow and effects!

Mixtape CoverFor the upcoming festival, Jimi put together an hour-long mix featuring 30 tunes and remixes exclusively by artists performing at the event! Without going into too much detail, this mix offers an accurate portrayal of many of the sounds and styles which will be heard from June 9th-11th at Mensch Meier. But don’t take our word – hear it for yourself!

01 – Young Warrior – Creation New Dub (Jah Shaka Music, 2014)
02 – Young Warrior – Magnify (Jah Shaka Music, 2014)
03 – Young Warrior – Magnify The Dub (Jah Shaka Music, 2014)
04 – D-Operation Drop – Rivers Of Babylon (Moonshine Recordings, 2017)
05 – D-Operation Drop – Liberation (Moonshine Recordings, 2017)
06 – Radikal Guru – Raggamuffin Souljah (feat. Echo Ranks) (Moonshine Recordings, 2016)
07 – Radikal Guru – Warning! (feat. Echo Ranks) (Moonshine Recordings, 2013)
08 – Radikal Guru – Warning! (feat. Echo Ranks) (Violinbwoy Remix) (Moonshine Recordings, 2016)
09 – Jah Schulz with Ras TimBo & Tribuman – Silver & Gold (Dub 2) (Railroad Records, 2017)
10 – Jah Schulz with Ras TimBo & Tribuman – Silver & Gold (Railroad Records, 2017)
11 – Jah Schulz with Ras TimBo & Tribuman – Silver & Gold (Dub 1) (Railroad Records, 2017)
12 – Violinbwoy – Don’t Kill Your Dub (Lion’s Den, 2016)
13 – Violinbwoy – Don’t Kill Your Brother (feat. Echo Ranks) (Lion’s Den, 2016)
14 – Hatcha – Bawl Out (Hatched, 2016)
15 – Zemon – Hiatus (Subotage, 2015)
16 – INFRA – Pulsar (Shadowdub, 2012)
17 – INFRA – Rogue (F4TMusic, 2013)
18 – INFRA – Station 403 (Shadowdub, 2012)
19 – DJ Madd – Kingdom VIP (Dub-Stuy Records, 2016)
20 – DJ Madd – Kunta Kinte Medley (Dub-Stuy Records, 2017)
>> A1 – Burro Banton – Nah Sell Out
>> A2 – Rider Shafique – Over The Oceans
>> B1 – Shanti D – Inna Different Style
>> B2 – Kunta Kinte 2017 Riddim
21 – Umberto Echo – Tomorrow Now Dub (Enja Records, 2013)
22 – Aries – Nuff Reggae Music (Lion Dubs, 2005)
23 – Aries & Ras Lion – Reality (feat. Navigator & Mish Maybe (Higher Ground Recordings, 2017)
24 – Brian Brainstorm – Right Now (Liondub International, 2016)
25 – Brian Brainstorm – King’s Road Dub (Higher Ground Recordings, 2017)
26 – Jahcoustix & Dub Inc. – Better Days (Umberto Echo Dubmix) (Oneness Records, 2017)
27 – Mellow Mood – Dat’s Me (Umberto Echo Dubmix) (Echo Beach, 2015)

Moonshine Recordings

Withavatars-000239515927-xvetwx-t500x500 over 50 releases spanning nearly a decade – from internationally acclaimed artists such as Radikal Guru, Truth, 6blocc, Babylon System, RSD, DJ Madd & Bukkha to name but a few – the esteemed Polish label has carved out a unique niche, continuously floating between dub, steppas and dubstep – simultaneously uplifting and deeply meditative.

On June 10th Moonshine Recordings will team up with the Lion’s Den to bring some of the labels top b(r)ass to Berlin! Radikal Guru (live) & Violinbwoy (live) will be joined by label manager Mack out of Poland! They will be accompanied by the powerful vocals of Echo Ranks out of the UK, known for his anthems such as “Warning!” (produced by Radikal Guru for Moonshine) and “Don’t Kill Your Brother” (produced by Violinbwoy for Lion’s Den)! And as if that weren’t enough, the one and only DJ Madd will be flying in from the US for a few exclusive shows in the Europe, with the highly talented Mysterious Kid providing some amazing visuals for the night!

Check out the brand-new Mooncast #10, mixed by the Guru himself!

100 Days To Go // Presale Tickets

That’s right, only 100 days left until the first Bass Odyssey festival opens it’s gates – from the 9th-11th of June, 2017 – at Mensch Meier!

2-day “General Presale” tickets are now available – exclusively through our web-shop – for just 20€! Our “Early Bird” tickets sold out quite fast, so don’t wait too long to get your tickets!

✪ ✪ ✪ Official Ticket Shop ✪ ✪ ✪

Securing a presale ticket not only enables YOU to skip the queue and save some money, but also helps US to pre-finance the event!

2-Day Early Bird Tickets: 15€ (sold out)
✪ 2-Day Presale Tickets: 20€ (while supplies last)

✪ Friday Night: 15€
✪ Saturday Night: 15€
✪ 2-Day Tickets at the door: 25€ (available Friday night)

Refugees Welcome!


We are proud to announce our support of the Plus1 initiative at A Bass Odyssey in Mensch Meier from June 9th – 11th, 2017!

Plus1 is a young initiative which provides an opportunity and organizational framework for Berlin’s party and cultural scene to take a collective stand in welcoming refugees to our city.

As a community who thrives on multi-culturalism and a wide range of musical influences diverged from decades of immigration and its fusion with urban culture, we are strong believers that we need to do everything we can to support refugees in their quest for humane living conditions.

In accordance with Plus1, we kindly request that every person on the guest list – including artists and performers if they wish – donates at least 1 € to the campaign. The money will be collected and contributed equally to different initiatives that are helping refugees, such as SOS Mediterranee, Sea Watch, Jugend Rettet & CADUS – all of which are engaged in “sea rescue” missions; aiding refugees fleeing war torn regions and poverty-stricken countries.

Refugees Welcome!

Early Bird Tickets Now Available!


The line up is now complete! The artwork is finished, festival bracelets are in production, and the flyers will be landing in Berlin this week!

This was all made possible by everyone who has bought an “Early Bird” ticket so far. Thank you all for your support!

We still have some early bird tickets left – available through our official Ticket Shop – for only 15€! General presale will go online in February for 20€.

We would also like to send out a big thank you to the Irie Ites posse for their nice little write up about the event, especially for all our German speaking massive!

Beim lesen der Ankündigung treibt es einem schon fast die Tränen der Vorfreude in die Augen, denn ein nur annhähernd dickes Line-Up hat die Stadt lange nicht gesehen..

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