A Bass Odyssey is an event organization based in Berlin, dedicated to bringing together purveyors of sound system culture from around the world! Since our debut only one year ago, we’ve hosted artists such as Channel One (UK), Young Warrior (UK), Gorgon Sound (UK), Dubkasm (UK), Radikal Guru (PL), Egoless (HR), Hatcha (UK), Compa (UK), Indica Dubs (UK), Kibir La Amlak (UK), Sista Habesha (IT), Ishan Sound (UK), Violinbwoy (PL), Echo Ranks (UK), DJ Madd (HU), Aries (UK), Navigator (UK), Danman (UK), Tetra Hydro K (FR), Digitron Soundsystem (HR), Flatliners (TR), DJ Hybrid and many more!

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